How To Fix Microsoft Programs

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                       Fix Microsoft Programs

Windows products are very popular software programs among the computer users. Since they are used by so many users, and so many of them keep coming out, it’s only natural that here are as many problems faced with their usage. Some of the issues related with the products are discussed here, and Microsoft Fix it is also given.

Microsoft Office Product Activation Errors

  • Make sure that your Microsoft program is not a trial version. Functionality will be reduced after trial period expiry.
  • Check the internet connection. Program communication errors can be caused by a firewall or a proxy server that requires authentication.
  • Make sure you have only one installation of the same office product. Multiple installations will result in an “invalid product key” error message.
  • Delete the license file after a failed re-installation. In Windows XP, this is done by clicking on “Start” and then “Run”, and then typing %All user Profile%\ Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Data. Click on OK. Then locate and delete the Opa12. dat file, and re-install the Office product.

Errors during an Office Product installation

  • Disable third-party applications like WebRoot Spysweeper, which restrict access to registry sub key modifications.
  • Retry the installation and after a computer restart, try to re-enable the application.
  • Delete the license file after a failed re-installation. In windows XP, this is done by clicking on “Start”, then “Run,”, and then typing %All User profile%\Application Data \Microsoft\Office\Data, and clicking on OK. Then locate and delete the Opa11. dat file, and re-install the Office product.

Fixing errors starting Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft program

                   Fix Microsoft Products

  • Locate “Outlook exe” in Microsoft Office 10, 11 or 12, from the following path:
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office (10,11, 12 )
  • Right click Outlook. exe and go to “Properties.”
  • Click “Run this program in compatibility mode” on the “Compatibility” tab. Click on “OK” and then start Outlook.

“Add or Remove Programs” Feature Fails to uninstall

  • Verify that the “Add or Remove Programs” feature does not work by navigating to Start>Run> and then typing in “ app wiz.cpl” and hitting the Enter key.
  • Select the Office system product, and click on “Remove.”
  • If the above does not work, download “Microsoft Fixit 50154.msi” from the Microsoft website, and run it.
  • Follow the steps in the “Fix it” Wizard.

For any of the common problems that you encounter, you can dial the MS hotline number and have the crew over at Microsoft fix it for you.

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