How To Fix Outlook Errors With The Windows Live Mail Added To It?

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If you wish to see your Windows Live emails in Outlook, then you need to install the Outlook connector program. By this, you can configure and view your Windows Live mails in Outlook. However, even though this helps you to view multiple email accounts, they can also give you certain errors. You can fix these Microsoft problems without seeking any technical assistance. Follow the steps below and fix the errors with your email.

Steps Involved

  • The first step is to verify if your computer has the Outlook Connector program. If not, download and install it. However, make sure that you are downloading the correct version on your computer, that is, 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • You should enter the username of your Windows Live account and  password on the Connector Window. Make sure that you enter them without any errors.
  • Compatibility issues with other add-ons can also give you errors. Therefore, disable other Outlook add-ons.
  • Some errors pop up with an error code. Search over the internet specifically to find out the fixes for this error.
  • Junk settings can give you errors. Therefore, verify your junk settings and ensure that these errors do not pop up due to these settings. The errors associated with junk settings are 4202, 4203, 4304, 4350, 4401 and 4403.
  • Among the above errors, you can fix the error 4204 by selecting Home, then Junk and Junk Email Options. From the list of blocked senders, find out if they have any of the characters like !, #, $, %, *, /, ?, ^, `, {, |, },~ and _.

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  • For the error 4203, find out if you have blocked any domains, which are not permitted and if so, remove them.
  • The error 4304 occurs when there are more than 500 email addresses on either your safe list or your blocked list.
  • For the error 4305, search your safe list and blocked list and find out if there is an email account that comes under both lists. If so, remove them.
  • The error 4401 can occur, if there are two or more same email addresses on the safe list or blocked list. Verify and remove the multiple entries to fix this issue.

With the above steps, you can fix most of the errors with your Microsoft Outlook program while Windows Live is synchronized with it. For additional help on these Microsoft problems, you may contact Microsoft help center.

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